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katrovská osmička

Katr restaurant
Vězeňská 9,
110 00 Prague 1
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tel.: +420 222 315 148


Opening Hours:
mon-fri: 11:00 am to 11:00 pm
sat-sun: 12:00 am to 11:00 pm

Katr restaurant
Katr restaurant

About Us

We have opened a new restaurant with an unrepeatable atmosphere just in the historical heart of Prague. You will find Katr in Vězeňská street, not far from the Old Town Square, and modern Czech and world gastronomy is on offer.

The word Katr means a jial in Czech, while Vězeňská street is a Jail street, but apart from this word game, our restaurant has nothing to do with the dark world of jails and prisons: just in the contrary, our food and services are based on honesty and respect, and we will gladly convince you that these terms are not just an empty cliché in our restaurant.

It is with respect that we approach the food and ingredients, choosing them with attention and care. The meat in the first class bio quality is bought from certified butchers. Favourite Czech delicacies, such as white meat pudding, or suasages are made by our cooks. They also make other typical Czech meal: dumplings. In short, we offer traditional quality in food and this is valid also for drinks. You can get the crispy Czech Pilsner Beer from the tap and you might be pleased by the selection of great wines from Moravia, but also from renowned wineries in France, Italy or Germany. The Restaurant is – thanks to architects Martin Sladký and Filip Hejzlar from de-fakto studio -  a roomy space full of light, without darker corners or partitions. You can even see into the kitchen, so you can observe our cooks in action.

We realize that a good restaurant is made first of all by good food. And Katr exceeds also in this regard. It is the very first restaurant in Prague (and perhaps in the whole country) where unique grills were installed into tables. The usage of the grills is easy, fast and funny. Due to their high efficiency, your meal will be prepared within a few minutes. You do not have to worry about the smoke, as each grill has it´s own hood. And if you do not feel like grilling, leave the work to our professionals from our brilliant staff!  Apart from the permanent menu consisting of starters, main dishes and desserts they will gladly prepare you also daily specialities. And advantegous daily lunch menus are on offer, too. In short, we offer meal for all and for everyone.

Come and see by yourself, that respect and honesty have their firm place in our restaurant. We look forward to meeting you in Katr restaurant on a regular basis.