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katrovská osmička

Katr restaurant
Vězeňská 9,
110 00 Prague 1
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tel.: +420 222 315 148


Opening Hours:
mon-fri: 11:00 am to 11:00 pm
sat-sun: 12:00 am to 11:00 pm

Katr restaurant



plzeňský prazdroj lager, 0,3 l - tank55,-
plzeňský prazdroj lager, 0,5l - tank65,-
velkopopovický kozel 10° (dark) - draft, 0,3 l55,-
velkopopovický kozel 10° (dark) - draft, 0,5 l65,-
selection of frisco 0,33 l69,-
selection of kingswood, 0,4l72,-

Soft drinks

birell (non-alcoholic beer) - draft, 0,3 l55,-
birell (non-alcoholic beer) - draft, 0,5 l65,-
cappy juices, 0,25 l (orange, pineapple, multivitamin, grapefruit, apple, pear, strawberry, black currant, apricot)59,-
coca-cola, coca-cola zero, 0,2l59,-
coca- cola vanilla, coca- cola light, 0,33 l59,-
fanta orange, 0,2 l59,-
sprite, 0,2 l59,-
kinley tonic water, 0,25 l59,-
kinley bitter lemon, 0,25 l59,-
kinley ginger ale, 0,25 l59,-
fuzetea, 0,25 l (peach-hibiscus, lemon-lemon grass, strawberry-aloe vera)59,-
natura 0,3 l (still, sparkling, gently sparkling)45,-
römerquelle 0,75 l (still, sparkling)115,-
red bull, 0,25 l95,-
filtered water sparkling / still, 0,7 l75,-

Homemade lemonade

draft rasberry lemonade, 0,5 l59,-
lemonade, 0,5 l69,-
grapefruit lemonade, 0,5 l69,-
elderberry lemonade with a dash of lime, 0,5 l69,-
redcurrant lemonade with a drop of lemon, 0,5l69,-
sea-buckthorn lemonade 0,5 l69,-

Fresh fruit juices

fresh juice of the day, 0,2 l84,-

Coffee & tea

nespresso double89,-
nespresso macchiato58,-
nespresso cappuccino64,-
caffé latté macchiato69,-
caffé latté macchiato flavor (chocolate, caramel, walnut, vanilla)75,-
algerian coffee95,-
irish coffee99,-
viennese coffee75,-
lattino - nespresso milk with ice cream69,-
tea by the offer65,-
fresh mint tea with honey75,-
fresh ginger tea with honey75,-


cinzano bianco, dry, rosso 8 cl89,-
campari bitter 5 cl89,-
aperol spritz 25 cl 155,-
pampelle spritz, 0,25 l155,-
Justinos maderia 10Y125,-
pampelle tonic, 0,25 l155,-


vodka 4 cl

russian standard platinum89,-

gin 4 cl

bombay sapphire89,-

tequila 4 cl

tequila el jimador blanco89,-
tequila el jimador reposado89,-

rum 4 cl

havana club anejo85,-
captain morgan spiced79,-
ron zacapa centenario "23 y"165,-
diplomático reserva165,-
Cartavio xo 18yo275,-
brugal 1988 40%159,-

whiskey & bourbon 4 cl

chivas regal 12 y.o.125,-
johnnie walker red label85,-
jameson , tullamore dew85,-
jim beam85,-
jack daniel‘s & jack daniel‘s tennessee honey95,-
balvenie single malt double wood - 12 y.o.165,-
lagavulin 16 y.o.249,-
nikka from the barrel265,-

cognac & brandy 4 cl

remy martin accord 40% royal 1738235,-
metaxa 5*80,-
metaxa 7*95,-
metaxa 12*120,-

spirits & liquers 4 cl

becherovka, becherovka lemond75,-
fernet stock, fernet stock citrus75,-
griotte - cherry brandy75,-
czech rum75,-
mint liquer75,-
vaječňák – vaječný likér75,-

fruit spirits 4 cl - czech

plum brandy poněšická 40%85,-
pear brandy poněšická85,-
walnut liquer poněšická85,-
mandlovice z hustopečí89,-
apricot brandy bartida85,-
apple brandy aged in an oak barrel85,-

fruit spirits 4 cl

grappa di monovitigno-chardonnay145,-
grappa trentina-morbida145,-
grappa le diccioto lune165,-
marzadro acquavite di pere williams145,-
marzadro olia del garda165,-
fassbind vieille poire165,-

List of food allergens:

*Our dishes might contain allergens.:

1 - cereals containing gluten
2 - shellfish and products thereof
3 - eggs and egg products
4 - fish and fish products
5 - peanuts
6 - soybeans (soya) and products thereof
7 - milk and milk products
8 - nuts and derived products - these are all kinds of nuts
9 - celery and products thereof
10 - mustard and products thereof
11 - sesame and products thereof
12 - sulphur dioxide and sulphites
13 - lupine and products thereof
14 - molluscs and products thereof