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katrovská osmička

Katr restaurant
Vězeňská 9,
110 00 Prague 1
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tel.: +420 222 315 148


Opening Hours:
mon-fri: 11:00 am to 11:00 pm
sat-sun: 12:00 am to 11:00 pm

Katr restaurant

Alá carte menu

tagliatelle with baby spinach, cherry tomatoes, garlic and parmesan215,- / 160g
tagliatelle with wild boar ragout and parmesan cheese265,- / 260g
grilled trout fillets, sautéed vegetables with kefir, steamed grenaille potatoes with dill345,- / 200g
chicken supreme “sous vide” with beluga lentils345,- / 220g
veal schnitzel fried in pork lard with potato salad320,- / 200g
grilled flat iron steak with baby onion, katr french fries 2,- / 1g
beef burger with cheddar cheese, tomatoes, pickled gherkin, red onion, mustard mayonnaise and jalapeno pepper, served with julienne chips315,- / 200g
burger ask our personnel for a vegetarian version315,- / 150g
black angus beef short rib steak marinated in kiwi and cayenne pepper, grilled cauliflower, grenaille and jalopeňo,390,- / 300g
katr beef chin goulash with red onion and horseradish, smoked lard dumpling315,- / 200g
spicy roasted pork belly with ginger, coleslaw salad and sourdough bread315,- / 400g
grilled veal livers, katr french fries, sauce tartar315,- / 200g
goose leg confit with saverkraut and potato dumplings365,- / 300g

List of food allergens:

*Our dishes might contain allergens.:

1 - cereals containing gluten
2 - shellfish and products thereof
3 - eggs and egg products
4 - fish and fish products
5 - peanuts
6 - soybeans (soya) and products thereof
7 - milk and milk products
8 - nuts and derived products - these are all kinds of nuts
9 - celery and products thereof
10 - mustard and products thereof
11 - sesame and products thereof
12 - sulphur dioxide and sulphites
13 - lupine and products thereof
14 - molluscs and products thereof